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Robotic Process Automation

Let nBotix bring a digital workforce to your organization to manage information like you never thought possible.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is delivering serious results to organizations in every industry. Whether your organization is large or small, let nBotix demonstrate how a digital workforce can transform the way you do business by working smarter. Robots don't sleep, take coffee breaks, or update their status on Facebook (unless you want them to!). How could your organization work more effectively by handing routine work off to a digital workforce so your people can add value to the organization?


Process Review

Robots work well automating processes, but imagine the efficiency gains by leveraging our team of process experts to streamline workflows.

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Most organizations haven't reviewed how they've done work for years, if ever. No doubt, there are serious opportunities to improve the way the organizataion works, but where do you start? Talk with our experts in process optimization to understand how your organization can make the most of new technologies that are designed to help your business grow more efficently!


Training Solutions

Let our expert instructors teach you how to get the most from your robotic workforce investment. We offer virtual classrooms as well as on-site training to get you and your team ready to build your digital workforce.

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Robots don't train themselves on your processes, so someone will need to do that for them. You can leverage our expert engineers to train your robots while our training team provides the knowledge and expertise to your staff. Or if you're a consulant looking to expand your skills into the RPA market, find out how our nBotix team can not only train you but get you working quickly on real projects through our organization.


nBotix provides the expertise for your organization to embrace Inteligent Automation of Business Processes

Solutions for a Smarter Organization

The future of work is here, and its wonderful! Your people are the most valuable part of your organization. So why are they still doing data entry into countless ancient systems? Liberate your most important part of your organization and let your people grow your business while robots take care of the repetitive, mundane work.

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We get asked all of the time, "What can the robots do?". Robots can follow very complex rules and decision processes to support the management and processing of data within your organization. If people are performing "human middleware" as they transcribe information from one system to another, you have got some serious opportunities to automate work. Once and for all, find out how to answer the question, "Isn't there a better way to do this?"


Our Engineers Work Magic with Robots

Software robots may be a great addition to your workforce, but the value isn't in the tool itself. A pile of bricks isn't a house until the raw materials are transformed. Let nBotix engineers tranform your raw software robot potential into a serious acelerator for your organization.

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Well, maybe our engineers aren't magicians, but they certainly find a way to make the mose of your digital workforce investment. Our engineers are trained in both business processes as well as in the technologies used to support them. We've chosen Blue Prism as the platform of choice for our engineers because it delivers the value that organization's are looking for.


Learn how to Make Robots Come to Life

nBotix realizes that your team will get the most from its investment in a robotic workforce by training your staff to develop processes that the robots execute. You know your business better than anyone, so let nBotix help your team to get the most from your investment in a robotic workforce.

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So you won't be actually "bringing robots to life", but you will learn how to train them to perform business processes within your organization. The training provides the "how" but also the "why" behind what you're learning. We feel you'll be able to see more opportunities to bring real value to your organization if you understand what to look for!


Hire your Own Robots, or Rent Ours (Robotics-as-a-Service)

Not all organizations have a need for an army of robots to process work. But that shouldn't prevent your organization from taking advantage of the huge benefits that a robotic workforce can offer. We can help you buy your own robots or we can rent you ours to help you grow!

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Our team of cloud experts can help you provision a robotic workforce that can provide real value to your organization without having to build the infrastructure required to support and manage them. Bring a part-time robot to work on smaller processes while you analyze your processes internally. Or let us host your robots in our cloud to give you the peace of mind knowing that you've got experts caring for your digital workforce.


Hire Smart Robots

Introducing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into your organizataion is a great step, but it's just the foundation. Teach your robots new tricks with intelligent automation solutions to read invoices and other documents or interact with your employees and customers via chat or voice conversation to enhance the service that you provide. The future of RPA and AI is here and nBotix can deliver results for your organization.

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nBotix has taught the Blue Prism robotic workforce to do amazing things with unstructured data. You see, robots have to work with "digital data" to get work done. But your vendors send PDF files invoices in all sorts of different formats which makes it hard for the robots to work with them. Let nBotix show you how to add the right technologies to transform all of those voice conversations, PDF files, and e-mails into data that the robots can use!



  • The nBotix RPA Training Program has allowed me to transition from a traditional developer and architect into an expert in the Robotics field. - Arun K, Independent Consultant

  • Not only did I have access to RPA Software training, nBotix put me on a RPA project giving me both training and real-life experience. - Steven G, RPA Architect

  • The comprehensive training provided by nBotix allowed me to understand the Robotics space, how to manage Robotics projects and help my clients be successful. - Kurt W, Project Manager / Analyst

  • nBotix engineers were able to come up with very creative ways to implement robots within our company that led to real savings. - Dennis M, Project Manager


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